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More Info: I'm am a big lottery player, having played the National Lottery since it's inception in 97, I am an active member on many lotto forums and can answer many math based questions associated with lottery games.

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£500,000 Irish Lotto Ticket Remains Unclaimed

The Irish Lottery is a contest that has many players annually. It is estimated that millions play the game on a yearly basis The National Lottery is the state lottery Read More

Man who Threw Away Winning Lottery Ticket Unable to Claim Prize

The lottery is the supreme exercise in chance. It is a contest of blind luck whereby all players are equally disadvantaged by an overwhelming force of probability. However, there is Read More

National Lottery

The National Lottery has been in the business since 1987. It was founded by the Irish government to support initiative in the field of health and welfare, sports and recreation, Read More

Irish Lotto

If you are visiting Ireland and after a drink or two have seen someone scream at the telly whether in joy or disgust at the numbered balls rolling around you Read More

Massachusetts Lottery

Widely known as the Mass Lottery, it was established in 1971 and has become a trendsetter in the exciting world of lottery. It is governed by a five-member commission which Read More

New Jersey lotter

The New Jersey lottery was formed in 1970. Its parent agency is The New Jersey Treasury Department. The headquarters of this lottery are at One Lawrence Park Complex in Mercer Read More

Minnesota Lottery

The Minnesota State Lottery has different types of lottery games some of which are powerball, mega millions, hot lotto, northstar cash, gopher 5, scratch games and daily 3. It is Read More

Louisiana lottery

The history of Louisiana lottery began way back in 1868 when a local group of businessmen started a local company known as Louisiana State Lottery Company. The lottery system which Read More

Michigan Lottery

By definition, a lottery is a way of creating funds by selling numbered tickets and giving out prices to the lucky people who have the tickets containing the randomly drawn Read More

New Hampshire Lottery

The New Hampshire lottery is the oldest legal lottery in the United States. The idea of lottery was pioneered by Larry picket of keen who envisioned sweepstakes as the ideal Read More