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More Info: I'm am a big lottery player, having played the National Lottery since it's inception in 97, I am an active member on many lotto forums and can answer many math based questions associated with lottery games.

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Maine Lottery

The idea of winning a fortune and leading a luxurious lifestyle is not odd. In fact, a lot of people in Maine share the same dreams and for most of Read More

Montana Lottery

It`s not surprising that people still want to buy lottery tickets even in difficult financial times. After all, you only need a small entry fee. With just a dollar, you Read More

Maryland Lottery

History of American Lotteries Like most exotic phenomena, lotteries, also known as lotto, were introduced to the United States by European settlers in the 17th century. The earliest lotto was Read More

New Mexico Lottery

With so many different lottery games online it can be very difficult to know which one you should play. One popular lottery is the New Mexico lottery, this guide will Read More

Missouri lottery

History of the lotto The government of Missouri runs the Missouri lottery. It began selling tickets in the year 1986. The first official drawing was conducted in 1988. How it Read More

Kansas Lottery

Individuals who live in Kansas may wish to play the Kansas lottery. The Kansas lottery has many interesting facets to it. Some of the things that you can find when Read More

Kentucky Lottery

The Kentucky Lottery has been in existence for well over twenty years now. Votes were cast in the November of 1988 in favor of this lottery. In April the following Read More

2 Share $636m US Jackpot

In the second biggest lottery payout of the USA, two winning tickets of the Mega Millions lottery are expected to share a winning prize of $ 636 million. One of Read More

Time Is Running Out For The Owner Of A £1m Winning Ticket

“Imagine walking around not knowing you are a millionaire.” A national lottery spokesman said. The winner of the £1m is still missing and has only a few days to claim Read More

Police Warn over Commonwealth Lottery Scam

People lost great amounts of money over this lottery scam. Luckily, the man behind it has finally been reported to prosecutors. It seems that a 55-year old man is responsible Read More