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More Info: I'm am a big lottery player, having played the National Lottery since it's inception in 97, I am an active member on many lotto forums and can answer many math based questions associated with lottery games.

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100 Lotto Raffle Winners On Saturday

The second of two special Lotto games kicked off on Saturday 12 October.Chris Evans once again presented a draw with an assured Jackpot of 10 million pounds.This top prize was Read More

Double Lottery Winner Believes He Is Unlucky

Danaty George Traykov,45, an llford resident and double lottery winner reckons himself as unlucky with numbers.He has won £1.16 million but his aim is to win the huge Euromillion jackpot Read More

Spanish Ticket Wins Rollover EuroMillions Jackpot

A ticket bought in Spain has won Tuesday’s EuroMillions multi-rollover jackpot, scooping a cool £43 million. The unnamed player is the third winner of the jackpot from Spain this year, Read More

Father and Daughter win £219,000 on Euromillions Lottery Draw

Two days ago, it was a case of the fortunes of father and daughter changing overnight, literally. 53 year old Derrick Morrow and his 25 year old daughter, Heather are Read More

Win up to £1,000,000 with the Health Lottery

The Health Lottery is a lottery that was launched in Great Britain in October 2011. Players choose five numbers between 1 and 50 and must match at least three to Read More

£5 Free for Using Betfred Lotto App

Before you get £5 free at betfred lotto http://www.betfred.com/promotions/lottery you should know many important elements of the online lotto game and the site itself which will make the experience more Read More

NY Lotto

The New York lotto popularly known as the NY lotto was established in 1967 with the main aim of raising funds in aid of the education sector. Since its inception Read More

Australian Lotto

What is the Australian lotto? These include a number of products associated with lotto and which are approved by the Australian lotto corporations. Lottery operators are certified at a national Read More

French Lotto

French lotto One of the big timers in the world of lotto is the French Lotto. French lotto is a state-owned official lotto. It uses a drum system to draw Read More

Hong Kong Lotto

Lotto is played by selecting 6 numbers from a total of 49 and whereby one wins the first category prize if the 6 numbers match with the six on the Read More