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More Info: The most I've won is £1,000 on the a scratchcard but I love the thrill of playing the lottery, even 15 years after it started. I also contribute news to Lotto Junkie and several other sites.

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Iowa Lottery

History of the Iowa Lottery The legislation that created lottery in Iowa officially was put to effect back in April 19885 and the sales started later that August. In celebration, Read More

Connecticut Lottery

The Lottery system in America has gone through several changes to become more compact and well organized. There are several lotteries in America and most of them are quite popular Read More

Arizona Lottery

The Arizona lottery is a game that lots of people enjoy to play. It is low priced making it affordable for millions of folks. To be able to participate in Read More

Georgia Lottery

The historical origin of the lottery or lotto stretches back to the sixteenth century in the Italian city of Florence. However, some historians contend that the earliest forms of the Read More

Colorado Lottery

The Colorado lottery offers a lot of lotto games which require you to use different ways in order to beat the odds to win a lot of money. The games Read More

Idaho Lottery

Idaho lottery was started in the late 1980’s by the citizens of Idaho. This was 2 years after Idaho lottery was declared illegal by the Supreme Court. However, when 51% Read More

Florida Lottery

There are numerous Florida lottery players just like the other states of America who play lotto games. The Florida lottery started back in 1986 within no time the new lottery Read More

Tatts Lotto Australia

This is actually one of the most popular lotteries in Australia. While you are going to have an opportunity to win some money while you are playing this game, the Read More

UK’s Biggest ever Lottery Winners Revealed!

The UK has been home to some of the luckiest people in the world. These people played the lottery and had fortune smiling down on them as they won. Here Read More

Lottery Winner Sued by Sister

A handyman Samir Haddad who won a $32 million lottery jackpot along with a friend five years ago, is being sued by his sister Leila Nahas who is claiming that Read More