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Generous Lottery Winners Share Their £100,000 Prize

A lucky couple struck it big when the Peoples Postcode Lottery choose their small town address as that days winners! What was the lucky postal code? Their postal code, Q3 Read More

The Biggest Mistakes Lottery Players Make

If you are a regular lottery player, you probably know that you can’t beat the odds. After all, how could you when you are simply guessing a series of numbers. Read More

Scottish Lottery Winners Work To End Smears

Chris and Colin Weir, a Scottish couple who won the Euromillions lottery back in 2001, a grand total of £161,000,000 have donated 10% of their large fortune to two very Read More

Lottery Dream Comes True

A man from the town of Loughton, named Terry Vigus, had a very vivid dream about winning the lottery. He claim the dream was so real that he could actually Read More

Two More Tips To Help Improve Your Odds

Constantly Switching Games Many people switch games constantly. Whether they are bored and looking for a little excitement or they think that another game’s odds are better that particular week. Read More

Why Do We Play The Lottery?

“Our country will become much richer”, said the Prime Minister at the time John Major the day he declared the opening of the fist lottery run by the government (the Read More

Three More Common Lottery Mistakes

Too Much Of A Good Thing Believe it or not, much like many other things in life, you should have a lottery ticket budget. The first thing that you will Read More

The Search Is On! (Missing £500k Lottery Ticket Winner)

Though it rarely happens… After all, most of us check our tickets as soon as the numbers are announced but it seems that there is a missing lottery ticket out Read More

Three Of The Biggest Mistakes Lottery Players Make

Playing the lottery is a great way to have fun without having to spend a fortune. On top of that, you have a real chance to win enough money to Read More