Changes to UK Lottery Oct 2015

In just a few months there will be some massive changes to the way the UK lottery runs, Camelot are making the following changes to create bigger prize pools and drum up some more excitement in what is a dwindling UK National Lottery.

The main change taking place is that the lottery will increase from 49 to 59 balls. This is obviously a big change and will make it much more difficult for players to land a big jackpot. At the moment the chances of hitting a jackpot are approximately one in 15 million, once the changes have been made the chances of hitting it will increase to approximately one in 45 million. The payouts for 3,4 or 5  numbers will remain the same.

One other major change will be that matching two numbers will award a free ticket to the next draw. This change means that you now have a one in 10 chance of winning a prize as opposed to one in 50 at the moment. However, this is still poor value for money considering the vast majority of the time you will only win a free ticket to the next draw which is not worth very much.

Camelot say that by decreasing the amount of weekly winners it will increase the chances of a rollover creating much bigger prize pools. At the moment UK lottery tickets sales are rapidly decreasing. Most people prefer to play EuroMillions with substantially bigger prize pools of up to €150 million

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