Couple Seal £1 Million Valentine’s Day Jackpot

A couple from Surrey, UK, celebrated Valentine’s Day in a low key manner, unaware that their lives would soon change forever.

Sally Cloke, 49, and her 51 year old long term partner Richard Thursby, went out for a ‘romantic’ meal of burgers and a few cans of lager. But later that night, they learned they had become millionaires as their numbers came up on the Lotto.

And the couple have attributed the win to a lucky penny which Sally found on the floor close to a supermarket as they went to do their shopping.

She said: “We’re a normal family, we went to do our normal shop and as it was Valentine’s Day we had already said not to give each other anything, we’ve got kids that take time and money.”

“We went food shopping first and then to a discount shop. Richard said ‘Sally, this is my treat to you, go and splash out’.”

But while she was waiting to go inside, Sally spotted a penny on the floor, and placed her foot over it until there was nobody around.

“Richard was coming towards me and I said I’m standing on a penny and I bent down and picked it up,” she said.

“Richard turned round and said ‘Sal, we are going to have some good luck’.”

Thinking little of it, the couple, who met in a blind date 19 years ago, went for a burger and a few beers to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

On their way home, they bought a Lotto ticket and thought nothing of it, until the next day when they checked their numbers. They were initially excited at the realisation they’d won £20,000. But this turned out to be a mistake – instead, they were actually millionaires.

Richard said of their date: “Little did I think just how much luck we were due to enjoy, had I known I’d have bought her a Valentine’s meal a little classier than the fast food outlet we visited.”

The couple, who have two daughters and one son aged 15, 16, and 17 respectively, already have a few plans for the money. They will look to buy a new home, as well as some new tools for experienced carpenter Richard.

Sally also said that they will buy a new car, but nothing that was “top of the range”.

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