Daughter whose parents won £1.2m lottery arrested for stealing £22,000

A lady who breached the trust of her customers by stealing £22,000 from a nursery could evade prison if she is able to pay back the stolen money.

Samantha Crossland, 30, who is the daughter of a  lucky couple who won lottery jackpot for £1.2m was once in charge of Child’s Play Day Nursery in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, which almost collapsed after the crime came to light. She allegedly took the money from the payments by her wards parents.

She was employed by the nursery’s manager who is a friend of her mothers, Lynda Quigley. Samantha Crossland had a good reputation and was given a promotion to run the nursery because of the ill health of Mrs Quigley, who had to go for surgery.

It was during this time that she had unrestrained access to perpetrate the act because she is the only one who had access to the nursery’s records and also in charge of managing the expenses of the nursery.

Her behavior came as a rude shock to Mrs Quigley who found the incident hard to believe.

Samantha who is the daughter of Susan and Michael Crossland, who won £1.2million on the National Lottery in 2008, sobbed at Leeds Crown Court today as the court Judge advised her to pay the money in full which could earn her a jail setence.

According to the prosecutor, she was exposed when her proprietor, Mrs Quigley, resumed in 2014 and took note of irregularities in a parent’s form of payment. With the parent insisting that she has settled her bills. When asked the customer produced a receipt  which had the name of the child on it but with a clear signature belonging to the defendant.

The Judge  has has ordered to pay the entire amount back or face jail time.

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