Euro Millions

What is the Euro Millions?
Euro Millions is a European lottery that is held on Tuesday and Friday in the evening.The lottery’s popularity is growing tremendously and is operated jointly by European countries namely Spain, UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxemburg national lotteries. Notably, ordinary national lotteries are limited to the residents of a particular country, meaning that there are no participants from other countries. Unlike ordinary national lotteries, Euro Millions pools the stakes from the nine countries hence making the jackpot and prize to be huge. Once you become the winner, then you definitely become a multimillionaire!

Euro Millions was first launched in February 2004 by three nations namely France, Spain and UK. Back then, each week had a single draw that was held on Friday. However, on May 2011, another draw was launched and it was to be held on Tuesday every week. This increased the number of draws to two per week.

How To Participate
Taking part in the Euro Millions is very easy. You simply need to purchase tickets from a local supermarket or shop, local,newsagent and more recently, online. The tickets are also available to the residents of participating nations living outside their respective nations. Should you win a prize and you reside outside EU, ensure that you collect it before you leave since claiming your prize while outside EU is very difficult.

Euro Millions uses two balls pools, which give separate sets of numbers, unlike many other lottery draws. The first set of lottery numbers consist of 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 inclusive. Still in the first set, is another two Lucky Star selection from 1 to 11 and are also inclusive. The numbers appearing in the first selection can be repeated in the second selection. You only need to match all the five main balls and two Lucky Stars.

May 2011 saw a major improvement in the Euro Millions that sought to increasing your chances of winning. Firstly, was the introduction of the Tuesdays draw which raised the number of draws to two each week. Secondly, was the increase in the number of Rollovers from the original numbers 1-9 to current numbers 1-11. Thirdly, was the introduction of the 13th Prize Tier to match only two main numbers.

Euro Millions Lottery is categorized into 13 different levels based on the correct numbers matched. Notably, Euro Millions is termed as rolling jack pot lottery game. This means that the prize jackpot is ‘rolled-over’ included in the following week’s jack pot if a winner is not found. If the rolling continues until the 12fth week, the prize is ‘rolled down’, which means that it is distributed between the second level players(tier)-people who make correct guesses on the main five numbers and a single ‘Lucky Star’ number.

Euro Millions Jackpot Cap
Currently the jackpot cap is at 190 million Euros. Originally, 5 million Euros used to be added on the jackpot once the jackpot was reached. However, a rule was introduced to limit the addition of the 5 million Euros once the cap was reached.

Prize Claim Period 
Once you purchase the lottery ticket, ensure that you sign at the back. The claim period is fixed at 180 days. Failure to collect the prize within the stipulated time will have it given to the communities in the participating nations.You can collect small prizes at the local place where you purchased the ticket. A prize exceeding 50,000 Euros will be collected at a National Lottery Post Office.

Euro Millions has turned many people to multimillionaires since it was launched. Bayford family won 190 million Euros jackpot in August 2012. Euro Millions uses large portion of its revenue in funding of local charities and activities in the participating nations.

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