Health Lottery

What is the health lottery:

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The Health lottery is a lottery, started in the month of October, 2011 in Great Britain. Northern and Shell are the chief drivers of this lottery who own many media channels in United Kingdom. And this Health lottery is coordinated by the gambling commission of Great Britain.

Detail about the Health lottery:

The basic rules of the Health lottery are:

1. A player has to designate 5 numbers between 1 and 50. And to achieve a prize, the player must match three numbers in the same order.

2. Age limits for playing this game is above 16 years.

3. The tickets are available in Great Britain only.

4. Number of games are 2 and number of draws are 53.

5. The Health lottery is negotiated on the basis of a fix prize, and if the winners are so many in numbers then the prizes can be escalated back.

Charitable Causes of playing Health lottery:

The Health lottery is not a communal game. But it administers 51 local society lotteries and each of them serves one or more jurisdiction areas of Great Britain. The associations are licensed by the gambling commission of Great Britain and they raise money for noble health related causes within their specific areas. Each society takes part in the draw so that the raised money can be distributed equally in the area of England, Scotland and Wales. 20p of every £1 is contributed precisely to local health related causes across Great Britain. Raised monies are not sent towards actual NHS funding services, rather they are sent through the partner charity of society lotteries and peoples Health Trust. Each and every part of Great Britain gets the dividend of the raised money for health related good causes. Calculations say that since 2011, over £37.6 Million have been devoted to the health related noble causes.

Health lottery on TV:

The Health lottery show is broadcast on every Wednesday and Saturday between 8 and 8.30 pm on channel 5 and draws are announced at 9.55 pm. In spite of this Tennessee organizes a show on Health lottery twice in a year for those people who are not well off and can’t manage their health coverage. These shows give some hopes to the people of Tennessee who have fallen below the verge of a convinced income. Individuals, who try their chances in Health lottery belong to various backgrounds, but they all has one same goal to acquire. They all are determined for health coverage. The aged, retired, disabled people or people qualified for Medicaid may request for an application for Tenncare which is a state’s public health insurance program. People can try their luck in Health lottery through state’s phone bank also. Twice a year this phone line facility is opened for Tennesseans. And they allow up to 2,500 call fringe. Many applicants want to certify the state program such as ??spend down’, which counts a candidate’s entitling income after subtracting the medical expenses from total earning.

Key facts about the Health lottery:

The first draw of Health lottery took place on 8th September, 2011 and they subsidize 20% of their tickets to the health related good causes, which was 8% less than the national lottery games. So they changed their game play on May, 2013 and doubled their prize money to contribute more in the good cause.

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