Hotel Worker Lands £1 Million New Year’s Eve Jackpot

A hotel worker from Yorkshire, UK, is celebrating after his money troubles vanished – thanks to a £1 million Lottery scratchcard win.

29 year old Richard Carr, from Doncaster, celebrated the turn of the new year in stunning fashion, with the huge prize coming from a National Lottery Merry Millionaire festive scratchcard.

Richard works and lives at The Campanile Hotel in the town, and says he has to “count every penny”.

Whilst waiting for his bus on 28th December, Richard bought the ticket at Pitstop, Harworth. He could hardly believe it when he scratched away the surface to reveal the massive jackpot.

Speaking of the win, he said: “It feels absolutely incredible, I still can’t believe it!”

“I had just dropped my little boy home and had some time to kill before my bus arrived so thought I’d treat myself to a scratchcard,” he continued.

Richard explained: “I walked out of the shop and started scratching the second game panel when I glanced down and saw that symbols matched and were worth £1 million. I ran back inside and thrust the card at the girl behind the counter – I think she thought I’d lost my mind as I could barely speak and must have looked like a madman.”

“She ran it through the system, and sure enough the instructions said I had to contact Camelot, so I knew something huge had just happened.”

Richard immediately phoned his mum, Sarah Simmons, who acted as any mother would and calmed him down, telling him to verify the prize before getting carried away. But sure enough, the National Lottery confirmed his prize on New Year’s Eve.

“We had an unbelievable New Year’s Eve. You hear the amount but don’t think it could actually happen to you, and when it does you just don’t believe it,” he said.

Despite the excitement of his win, Richard, a father of one, managed to make it to work for his shift, keeping the card secretly stashed in a pocket. “I kept checking it was there every five seconds. It’s not every day you have a piece of paper on you worth a million pounds,” he said.

He has since handed in his resignation, and is now looking forward to moving into a place of his own. “Having lived in a hotel for many years, it will be amazing to have my own front door,” he said, whilst also commenting that he will treat himself “to some new wheels”.

However, he said he was most excited about setting his seven year old son up for life.: ““I’m going to be able to do everything for my little boy when he’s older – it’s fantastic. He can go to university, college. He can do everything he wants and that’s the best feeling,” Richard said.

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