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The Irish Lotto and the Irish national lottery is the same thing. Many people are used to the USA state lotteries. The Irish lotto is the opposite of the US lottery system. The lottery is available for more than two decades. It was in 2007 that the lottery became popular such that it started gaining the worldwide attention. It was the biggest jackpot that was won in that year that spread the lotto to many parts of the world. Today the Irish lotto is played in different platforms such as the television bingo, the drawing games and currently in the euro lottery.

One of the differences between this lotto and the ones played in America is that the winners would claim their money without taxes. Moreover, the winner of the lottery has 90 days to claim the money he has won. These are hardly obtained in other countries where lottery is played.

In some lotteries the players could be part of every draw not minding the pool prizes. Many others wait for the big prizes before they make their entries. This is not the case with the Irish lotto. The player would never win in this game if he does not enter for it. It is not difficult to play the lottery. The person is entitled to another bonus number if he chooses.

The Irish lotto is very exciting, not only in Ireland, but in other parts of the world. This could be seen from the large numbers of people patronizing it from different parts of the world. To play the lottery, the person must pick a number from 1 to 45. The numbers one wishes to select depend on the choice of the player. One can select any lucky number. Numbers are usually picked based on random procedures. Many people who know how to select the lucky numbers win fantastic prizes in lottery. Those who want to play the Irish lotto bet have the opportunity of doing that two times in a week. The draws are done on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week. Lovers of the game usually play to coincide on these days the draws are made.

When the draws are made, three draws carried out. This includes the first draw, which is the main draw and the other two subsequent draws. 6 numbers out of the 45 are drawn plus the bonus number. If the player is fortunate to get 3 out of the six numbers drawn correctly he will win £10.

More monies are made when the Irish lottery is played on the local bookmarker. Those who play it through it earn £53 when they get 2 numbers correct. The figure would increase to £575 when 3 numbers are correct. With 4 correct numbers the players would get £6500 and with 5 correct the numbers the player would go home with the whooping sum of £100,000. This is not difficult to play. Picking the numbers is not difficult. Many people pick numbers that reflect their special days such as their birthdays and graduation days. This is one of the best lotto in the world.

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