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As much as we believe in the principles of earning our bread and butter by sheer hard work, there are times when we do get tempted to take a chance to make some easy money. Welcome to the world of Lotto! It is impossible for a passionate gambler to have not heard of Ladbrokes. It is a UK based company and is one of the major brand names in the betting and gambling industry and has a lot to offer for gamblers of various degrees. Even if you are naive or have been an experienced one, you would be able to find a lot of options for yourself.

Check out their website, or download their app on iPhone to get acquainted to the Ladbrokes’ world. The first requirement is to deposit you money, which can be done by ten payment methods. You will find a payment method comparison table to help you go about it, and according to the method you choose, various minimum amounts would be shown.

Withdrawal is easy as well; one just needs to sign in and open the banking page and click on withdraw. The withdrawal time ranges from 6 hours to a few days, for credit card users.

The “fixed odd lotto” is Ladbroke’s proprietary lotto game, in which, one bets at fixed odds which are based on the results of some national lotteries. There are various Lotto options at Ladbrokes, such as the Euro Lotto, Irish lotto, UK lotto, N.Y lotto and many more! There are 35 draws per week and the maximum amount one may win is £250,000 GBP on any one day.

The company gives amazing usability; once you have registered yourself, you may use it from your phone, or the online store, or even your digital TV! In fact, you don’t even need to calculate the amount you can win. A free betting calculator is provided to make the task easier.

If you are hesitant to start the game altogether, because of the fear of getting addicted to the game, a solution has been provided for it as well. You are given the option to set a spend-limit which maybe daily or weekly. Underage gambling is strictly prohibited and rigourous checks are done to ensure it. Parental control is encouraged by the company, in cases of shared family computers.

As it is said, everything is good until it rages out of control, so if you know how to stay well under limits, GAMBLE ON!!


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