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If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you are looking for some sort of winning lottery system or method to beat the odds. Unfortunately I have some bad news for you, beating the odds is impossible, I want to emphasize that greatly, you can chose ‘hot numbers’ or buy a strategy guide for $200 but it won’t help your odds. Here’s a few reasons why.


Lotteries are 100% random – Each and every ball that drops does so independently from the last time, if number 46, for example, dropped 3 weeks in a row it is no more likely (or less likely) to drop again, people claim to see patterns in numbers which ofcourse is possible, but this pattern won’t necessarily repeat in to draws which haven’t taken place yet.

WHY would people sell winning lottery systems? the simple, and most obvious fact is that they should be billionaires themselves, winning the lottery every single week if they could truly break it, most of these scam artists will say they want to ‘give back’ to the people by giving away their systems, if this is true why sell them for hundreds of dollars, especially when their systems have won them so much?

If lotteries were beatable then they simply wouldn’t be licensed as games of ‘chance’ by the relevant lottery authorities, they are every bit as luck based as spinning the reels on your favorite slot or playing roulette (another game which people believe is beatable)
Ofcourse there will always be people that don’t care about logic, maths or reasoning, they think they can beat the lottery because they once won £10 with their ‘system’ despite spending £100s on lottery tickets over the years. Maybe they heard about one winner who kept his ticket in a ‘lucky mug’ and they thought it had some influence on a lottery machine hundreds of miles away? well what about the millions and millions of tickets that were bought with lucky systems that didn’t work? surely that lottery winner also bought tickets the next week and won again (after placing his tickets in the lucky mug ofcourse)

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Psychics? If you are willing to phone some sort of ‘Psychic Hotline’ at £1.50 a minute then quite frankly you are a mug and don’t deserve to keep your money, there is no such thing as Psychics (this includes Mystic Meg), infact the whole concept of Psychics and how they prey on the weak, stupid and grieving angers me too much to write any more on the subject.


Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the lottery, the idea of winning £10,000,000+ for a very small investment is worth the day dreaming but spending large amounts of money (especially if you can’t easily afford it) or playing the lottery as some sort of ‘investment’ is just plain wrong.

The chance of winning the jackpot in the UK is around 1 in 15,000,000 with a jackpot of 3-4m that isn’t great (especially if several other people win) even when you take in to account the possibility of winning some of the lesser prizes, infact the average RTP (return to player) is just 50%, this means for every £1 you spend on tickets you get 50p back in the long run (and we mean long run, you will need to play this out over 1,000,000s of weeks with multiple tickets for it to even out) some of the money goes to good causes such as local charities which is a good reason in itself to buy, but the lottery has huge overheads such as the running costs of all those local lottery terminals in shops and petrol stations, as well as marketing and licensing.

 [ It could be you! (but I doubt it) ]


So what are my best options?
Your only chance of becoming a millionaire overnight is still by spending £2 is still playing the lottery, however no amount of results analysis or strategy implementation will increase your chance. I recommend signing up to one of the big UK bookmakers such as Betfred, William Hill or Paddy Power, with them you can bet on the major lotteries but you get paid depending on the amount of numbers you choose i.e. 3 correct selections pays £650 as opposed to £10 on the lottery, with the bookies you also get a signup bonus, currently they are around £25 which can be used towards lotto tickets. The results are obtained from the official lotteries so you can be assured that the games aren’t ‘rigged’ or somehow manipulated and they pay up to a max of £250,000, while this is nowhere near the payout of Euromillions it is however, much more achievable. The RTP of bookmaker lotteries is much higher at around 90-98% due to less overheads


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