Lottery Win is Music to Guitar Salesman’s Ears

A guitar salesman from the Somerset seaside town of Weston Super Mare is singing a happy song after becoming a millionaire on the National Lottery.

55 year old Paul Newton, and his wife Tania, 47, landed the jackpot on the Lotto draw on Saturday 28th February.

Checking the results on his iPad, Paul noticed an email from the National Lottery informing him of some “good news”. When he investigated further, he saw what he thought was a cool £1,106 prize nestled in his account.

In his excitement, he tried to double check but was frustrated when the iPad stopped working. He said: “I have bad eyesight, but looked again on my iPhone to check I had it right. Through my squinting, the numbers looked very big on the screen but I could clearly see it was actually a win of over a million quid!”

It was at that point that Paul, who also plays bass guitar in a local band, admits he “freaked”.

“My first thought was I had to tell my wife, so I made my excuses to leave and drove 60 miles to tell Tania in person. I knew she was having her hair cut,” he said.
“By this stage I was getting frantic. I went to the hairdresser’s and her appointment had been cancelled so I got the dogs and went looking around town to see if I could find her. After tracking Tania down and giving her the look that meant I needed to tell her something urgently, I took her back home,” Paul continued.

“We have 110 steps to our house and I wouldn’t tell her anything until we got inside. Once in there, I just yelled ‘We have won enough money to clear the mortgage and once that’s done, we’ve got another million on top!”

As well as paying off the mortgage, the couple will make some home improvements and will also help family out financially. That includes giving the three children they have between them enough money to live mortgage free.

But the pair have said that they will both continue to work.

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