Lottery winner opens pig farm!

Most people would celebrate becoming a Lottery millionaire by splashing out on lavish cars, houses, designer clothes and luxury holidays.

But for one winner, that wasn’t the case at all. Instead, Sue Herdman decided to become a pig farmer!

Rather than enjoying relaxing days free of the stresses of work, 46 year old Sue, who in 2010 won £1.2 million on the Lotto, spends her days raising piglets.

She explained: “Friends think I’m crazy. It’s a dirty seven-day job in all weathers. Some of the piglets need 24-hour attention and there are days when I only manage to get a few hours sleep. But the pigs bring me more satisfaction than any money ever could.”

Although she says in her previous life as a hairdresser she was well turned out, she now always smells of pigs and “ironically these days I buy most of my clothes from second-hand charity shops.”

It’s a hard job too, as she gets up at 6:30am with her partner Andrew Hornshaw. From there the pair tend to the 7,000 pigs on the farm, seven days a week.

“Every three weeks around 1,000 new piglets are born. Some of them need bottle feeding hourly to survive. So it’s often midnight before I sink into bed. It’s definitely not the usual life of a millionaire lottery winner and if you’d told me before I won the lottery this was how I’d spend my days, I would have said, ‘no way’,” she says.

Sue was even given a prediction by a fortune teller that she would win the Lottery – and it came true. As well as opening her pig farm, Sue has invested much of the money in property.

In fact, she says that delivering a piglet eclipsed the feeling of winning the Lottery. “Winning the lottery was amazing but the first time I brought a piglet into the world, I felt I’d hit the Jackpot,” she says.

You could say she’s as happy as a pig in mud!

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