Lottery winning couple donate another £1million to SNP

What would you do if you won the lottery? Colin and Christy Weir, lifelong supporters of Scottish independence, have donated £500,000 each, a total of £1 million, to the Scottish National Party for the general election.
This is not the first time the Weirs have donated to the SNP. When they won the Euromillions Lottery in September 2011, they donated a million dollars each to the party. Out of the prize money, in the amount of £161 million, they also contributed £3.5 million to support the “Yes” vote in the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014.
Between January and March this year, the SNP has received private donations totaling £1,055,250. This is in addition to the £48,659 it received from the “short money fund” of the House of Commons, which provides funding for electoral expenses of opposition parties.
Overall, private donations to political parties in the UK in the first three months of 2015 totaled £30 million, with over half that amount going that to the Conservative party, and £9 million to Labour. A spokesperson for the SNP thanked all supporters for their contributions and acknowledged their role in the party’s recent electoral success.
The Weirs, residents of Largs, Ayrshire, have shared their good fortune widely, with contributions to a number of causes. They helped the parents of a 13-year old boy to pay for a prosthetic leg, and have set up a charitable trust to support projects in Scotland relating to health, sports, animal welfare, culture and recreation.

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