Lucky penny pays off for £1.8 million winner

“Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.” An old saying that certainly rang true for one Greater Manchester man recently.

48 year old Sean Lloyd did just that when he found a penny outside a shop on his way to buy a Lottery ticket. Feeling it was a lucky omen, Sean decided to buy a Lotto ticket when he went inside the Tesco store.

Incredibly, it was a decision that paid off in the most incredible fashion. Sean, from Ashton, matched the numbers in the draw and secured himself a huge £1.8 million prize.

Sean, who worked as a bus driver in Oldham, had only one thing in his mind when he realised he’d landed the jackpot; to quit his job. In fact, he was so eager to resign, that the first thing he did was phone one of his First Bust Oldham colleagues. He simply said to his workmate: “can you cover my shifts – for the rest of my life.”

Sean, who has been married to 51 year old wife Melanie for 27 years, is planning to spend the cash on a plot of land where they can build their dream home. He is also intending to buy a Bentley sports car for himself and new motors for the rest of the family.

The keen Manchester United football fan also wants to invest in a box at Old Trafford to watch his beloved side play.

Speaking of his last ever shift and his life changing win, dad of four Sean said: “I went to Tesco on my lunch break from the 350 and saw this shiny coin on the floor outside.”

Little did he know how much it would alter his life the very same day.

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