Man Wins Half Million – But Doesn’t Receive Winnings

An American man thought he’d won $500,000 on a Lottery game – until he was told that the winning ticket had a misprint, and that he wouldn’t be receiving the prize after all.

John Wines, from Roswell in New Mexico, was under the impression that he’d won the money on a scratchcard that he bought; as he matched the top prize not once, but twice on the same card.

Excitedly heading back to the store to claim the winnings, John was soon distraught to be told that he hadn’t in fact won a penny. The cashier scanned the card but told him that there’d been a mistake.

Having then contacted New Mexico Lottery officials, John was told that the maximum payout on one card is $250,000, and that his double prize exceeded that total. He was also informed that obscured numbers on the card meant the card was void.

Despite his pleas, John was unable to win much support from the Lottery board, who instead donated him $100 worth of scratchcards by way of apology.

Although it may seem harsh, the decision is one that is unlikely to be reversed, given that they are the rules which each Lottery player agrees to when purchasing a ticket or scratchcard.

John isn’t the only person to miss out on a life changing sum.

Martyn and Kay Tott, a couple from Watford in the UK, recognised their numbers in a 2001 appeal for a missing winner. But despite looking high and low, they could not find the ticket. Despite offering extensive proof of purchase, they were told that the National Lottery still could not pay out.

They tried to take legal action against the Lottery on several occasions, but it was to no avail and the couple eventually split.

Others simply wasted their winnings. Briton Lee Ryan won £6.5 million back in 1995, but was soon after jailed for handling stolen cars. When he was released, he quickly spurned the money and was homeless by 2010.

A more harrowing fate befell Chicago winner Urooj Khan, who won $1 million on a scratchcard in May 2012. He collected the prize two months later, only to die unexpectedly the next day. It later transpired that the cause of his death was poisoning by cyanide. His murderer has never been found.

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