Million Pound Win Causes Confusion in Family

For one couple, a phone call to their daughter proved to be a huge crossing of wires. Ann Bell phoned her daughter to share the news that she’d become a Lottery millionaire, but her daughter mistook her crying for tears of sadness. In fact, she thought her mother was calling to say that her father, and Ann’s husband David, had passed away.

But that wasn’t the case at all. Instead, Ann was calling to say that she and David had won the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle; a prize of £1 million plus a luxury family holiday.

Speaking of the moment his wife called their daughters, David said: “Ann rang the girls to share the good news but two of our daughters mistook their mother’s tears of joy for sadness, with one believing I had passed away. Thankfully we could confirm that it was good news.”

But it wasn’t just their daughter who had a surprise. David had thought the winning ticket was worth just a few thousand pounds.

“I tend to put the tickets on the side and check them sporadically. I knew I had a few small wins and said as much to the shop assistant when I popped into the Post Office on Friday 13th,” he said.

He continued: “Imagine my surprise when, after she’d confirmed a £7.20 win, she handed a ticket back and said: ‘you need to ring Camelot, there’s a major prize on this one!’ There were a few other people in there at the time and we all whooped with joy, still not knowing the magnitude of the win.”

David said that he then made his way home feeling like “Charlie with his golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

It was only then that he discovered he was a millionaire. “It was a surreal moment. I thought we’d won a couple of thousand and suddenly we discovered that we are one million better off and about to embark on a wonderful family trip,” he said.

The retired ex-oil industry worker and his family will now celebrate their win with a luxury round the world trip.

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