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The National Lottery has been in the business since 1987. It was founded by the Irish government to support initiative in the field of health and welfare, sports and recreation, arts, heritage and Irish language. The largest jackpot for the Euro 16, 815, 749 was won in the year 2007. You must pick six numbers from the 1 to 49 along with Selecting these numbers is just a random process. You can select your birth date or your lucky number or even you can choose the number randomly. Its all your choice.
Its all your choice. The amount of even the lower prize increases or decreases as per the circumstances. The particular percentage of prize pool is presented as prizes for Match 6, Match 7+Bonus Number, Match 8, Match 9+Bonus Number and so on. Match 3 Numbers gives a fix prize of Euro 5 and Match 5+ Bonus Number also offers a fixed prize of Euro 25,000.
A win on the National Lottery seems as random as the lucky dip selection of numbers on your ticket. It is nothing but the game of luck. Are there any rules that you can try to improve your chances of winning or are you just going to lose? Is a woman living in Cork more likely lucky than a man living in Dublin?
The answer is obviously no. The chances of winning National Lottery doesn’t depend on your education qualifications, age, sex or even your social status. It is all luck and you have as many chances of winning the lottery as anyone else on this planet. However, you must know everything regarding what is the national lottery.
Broadly speaking, the chances of winning don’t improve on factors such as your city, social diversity or other such things. The results are declared every Wednesday and Saturday and the result is broadcasted on various Irish Television channels. You can also check them on several websites. The results are made and declared by the machines. Manager arrange 49 balls each numbered in a mechanical set up. This set up gives each ball equal chance of getting drawn up. All the balls have same size, shape, consistency and physical properties. The bonus ball is important for the people who match three, four or five of the first six numbers. If no one matches the six lucky numbers, the amount will be moved over to the next draw and the top prize will also increase.
National Lottery can be played from any city in the world. It is absolutely tax free and the money is paid with in 48 hours of the declaration of result. The experienced players suggest to the new comers such as the numbers of the previous draw should not the picked, similarly 3 odd and 3 even numbers should not be picked. However, in order to win the amount, you have to play the national lottery or someone can gift the lottery ticket to you.
No one can predict that you will win the lottery but everybody can say that you have the same chances of winning it as anybody else, unless you join the game.

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