Newry Farmer Realises He’s A Millionaire At Christmas

It was a Christmas to remember for one Northern Irish man this year – as he realised he was a millionaire!

The news came as something of a shock to farmer Simon Savage, who only checked his ticket from 29th November after he saw reports of a huge unclaimed prize. Incredibly, it turned out to be him who had the winning jackpot of £1.7 million.

But despite his newfound fortune, Simon, from Newry in County Down, ensured that he put others first just as he always does. Although he’d have been well within his own rights to shut up shop for the year (and possibly forever), he decided to keep the farm store open on Christmas Eve so that customers could collect their turkeys.

He said: “I’ve had the shop now for eight years and have built up a loyal customer base that I would never let down, no matter what.”

He did admit that many of the customers were “shocked but amused” that he was working after his prize win.

Speaking of the discovery that he was a millionaire, Simon said: “I had tickets in a couple of different places and the first batch I looked at had no winners, but when I looked under a cheque I planned to lodge in the bank later that day, I found two more tickets.”

“When I checked those, to my utter amazement one of them had the winning numbers but I still couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing so I got my brother to check it again.”

“I was shaking so he asked me to sit down and after checking the numbers and dates all corresponded he told me the amazing news,” he said.

Simon continued: “I think we were both in shock and didn’t know what to do. In the end, he just shook my hand and congratulated me.”

Simon, who has had a hearing impairment since his early 20s, will look to spend some of the winnings on a solution to his problem. He also says he will be heading away on holiday following the busy Christmas period.

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