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Playing the lottery is a past time or dream maker of people every where. Practically all over the globe the allure of the lottery is growing, whether it be the thrill of the risks or that ever hopeful chance that one day all your dream will come true. Whatever it is you can’t deny it. With so many ways to play there’s bound to be new, remixed or revived lottery games to satisfy every lottery players need.

What is Number 49s? Number 49s is the Irish lottery games where balls are shuffled and random number balls are picked ranging from 1-49. Numbers for this game are drawn twice daily during the afternoon and evenings. The Premise of the game is to place bets on a betting slip which is provided for you through a book marker. You have the option to play either the ” 6 Number Draw”, where you choose from the first five from the ” 6 Number Draw” or you can play the ” 7 Number Draw” and in this case you will choose from the first 6 numbers from the ” 7 Number Draw”. The results for this game are broadcast on the local channel, posted in shops, online and you can also call to get the latest and past drawing results. The cost for this call is 10p per minute.

What is Number 49s payout? Winning payouts for Number 49s drawings are pretty straight forward. Starting with the ” 6 Number Draw”. If the player has matched 5 out of 6 numbers correctly, they are awarded with £125,000, 3 correct numbers awards £601 and 1 correct number yields you £7. In the ” 7 Number Draw” , 5 correct matches pays out £40,000 , 3 correct matches equals £ 330 and 1 matching number pays out £6. in order to receive your payout you must check your bookmarker for you payment options. You also have the option ot ch
r eck the website or call to check pay out information. Remember the cost for these calls are 10p per minute.

The best part about Number 49s that makes it so much fun and winning so easy is that it provides you with a break down of the numbers activity over a months time. You can check the stats of a few lucky numbers or you can compare the frequency of all 49 numbers over a 4 week period. This is definitely a good tool if you pick numbers strategically or just like to know how often the numbers fall. For those of you who like to leave the number picking up to the lottery heavens there is a Random Number Generator (RNG) that picks your numbers for you. If you are unsure of where to find a bookmarker, you can check on their website and follow the instructions by either supplying your postal code or entering the name of the town that you reside in and a list of local bookmarkers will be provided for you.

Does all this talking about Number 49s make you want to head out and play it? Find your local bookmarker or just play online for your winning opportunity. Who knows, you might just be lucky enough to hit the jackpot and be apart of the people making their dreams come true, one ball at a time.

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