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The Postcode Lottery is a lottery game in the United Kingdom which started in 2005. Players subscribe to the lottery on a monthly basis and win a variety of prizes based on their home postcode. What is the postcode lottery This article explains the history of the lottery and the prizes on offer.

Introduced by Dutch Company Novamedia BV in 2005, the Postcode Lottery is based on a similar lottery which originated in the Netherlands in 1989. The lottery was first established in the UK to raise money for a variety of different charities and good causes. Around 22% of each ticket goes towards supporting these causes, slightly less than the 28% derived from National Lottery revenues which are awarded to charity. As of January 2013, the Postcode Lottery has raised over £24 million for good causes.
How to Play
Tickets cost £2.00 and a total of 45p of the price of each ticket goes to support good causes across the United Kingdom. Players sign up to play on the Postcode Lottery website or through direct-mail campaigns and subscribe to the service by making monthly payments via Direct Debit, credit or debit card or PayPal. The lottery has five draws a month and players can win prizes every day.

Each player wins a prize when their home postcode is drawn from one of the five monthly draws. The full winning postcode wins £10,000 for each draw. In addition, one ticket every month wins a BMW car and three tickets win holiday vouchers from Thomas Cook with a value of £4,000 as well as £1000 spending money. Every day, one postcode can win £1,000 per ticket. As prizes are awarded for each ticket, the more tickets a player has the more money they can win. All prizes and lottery draw results are available on the Postcode Lottery official website as well as in postal correspondence that is mailed out to subscribers on a frequent basis.
The Postcode Millions DrawSeveral times a year the Postcode Lottery holds a special game where one postcode can share a jackpot of at least £2 million.
Postcode European Millions
Every November, the Postcode Lottery introduces a game for players across the whole of Europe who can share a huge cash jackpot of £2.9 million. This is the largest prize on offer as part of the Postcode Lottery. Current subscribers are automatically registered to take part in the European Postcode Millions. Additional prizes are on offer, including smaller cash prizes, holidays, cars, shopping vouchers and magazine subscriptions.
Postcode Lottery players currently support one of seven different “trusts” and revenues from ticket sales go towards supporting good causes in each of these areas. Examples include the People’s Postcode Care Trust, Postcode Green Trust, Postcode Culture Trust, Postcode Global Trust and Postcode Animals Trust. These trusts provide grants and donations to related charities and community projects. The Postcode Lottery is the world’s third largest private donor to charity.
Advertising campaignsThe Postcode Lottery has run several high-profile advertising campaigns over the years to increase awareness of the lottery. Television hosts Lorraine Kelly and Fiona Philips are among those who have appeared in advertisements for the Postcode Lottery.

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