Retired Couple Land Record New York Lottery Prize

A retired school principal and his wife are celebrating after they won a record prize on the New York Lottery.

80 year old Harold Diamond landed the $326m jackpot, the biggest in New York Lottery history, on the Mega Millions draw on 4th November.

Having seen the signs for the draw whilst eating lunch at Valero on Route 302 in Middletown, New York, Mr Diamond decided to spend $10 on tickets.

He explained: “My wife and I were driving to Middletown for dinner after voting on Election Day but the weather made us rethink our plans. My wife insisted we stop here to eat and wait for the weather to clear, and I reluctantly agreed.”

Little did he know that it would be a decision that would change his life forever. ““I put the ticket in my wallet and forgot about it,” he said.

Mr Diamond continued: “I went to play golf the next day and the guys in the clubhouse were talking about the jackpot-winning ticket someone bought at a Valero on Route 302 and I thought, wait a minute – I bought a ticket there last night!”

From there, he rushed home to check the numbers, and made it back just in time to see the result on the evening news. Sure enough, the winning numbers matched one of his lines, making him the only winner of the huge jackpot.

“I was in a dither; a real daze.” he said, before acknowledging that it was his wife Carol’s decision to change their eating plans that resulted in the win.

““I have to thank her with both barrels because if it weren’t for her insistence, we would not be here today,” he said.

Mr Diamond admitted he will struggle to know how to spend the money, which equates to about £215 million. “I simply can’t envision that kind of money,” he conceded. “It’s very hard to fathom. We feel very blessed.”

So far, his plans include helping out family and “giving back to the local community.”

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