Paddy Power Lotto Review

With Paddy Power, it is possible to bet on a number of national lotteries from around the world. Paddy Power are of course a well-established bookmakers, they are however one of only a few bookmakers right now offering this type of betting option; It’s certainly an intriguing prospect.

Betting on lotto with Paddy Power is simple. You will first need an account, to do that you’ll have to register via their main home page located here: “”, From there you need only hit the “Register Here” button under the log-in box. After registering and logging in, you can begin betting. You will of course need to deposit funds before this, there are a number of ways to do this such as Credit or Debit card and Paypal. The lottery betting options can then be found at “”

Paddy Power have a number of Lotto’s from around the world available to bet on. They also have handy hotlinks to the results and rules pages of each of those individual lotto draws. From the United Kingdom National Lottery to the German 6/49 National Lotto, you’ll likely find exactly what suits you best. All odds are fixed and what you stand to win depends on the stake, and how many numbers you have chosen. Even simply choosing one number has pretty good odds however; For example the UK lotto has odds of 6/1 when selecting the 1 number from 6 balls option (Excludes bonus ball, 5/1 if you include all 7 numbers). All the information you need is all available from the lotto page, including the dates and times of each draw. There are also no complex rules in place for this type of betting, only common sense; You can’t of course place bets just as the draw begins to take place, draws that are moved forward will render bets void with stake returned, it’s all pretty straight-forward.

It’s also worth noting that Paddy Power have built up a good reputation for their support staff and customer service. You can contact them via telephone (Which have good waiting times) , e-mail and live chat help via their website. It’s a nice extra peace of mind to have when betting. They’ll also match your first bet with a free bet of up to £50 (Minimum qualifying stake, £5) so there’s never been a better time to try out their lotto betting (Or whatever else you fancy trying).

So there we have it, Paddy Powers lottery betting options. It’s a unique if slightly unconventional type of betting that offers something a little less complex than traditional sports betting.